Ancestry tour

Ancestry tour

Genealogy search – Ancestry tour in Sicily.

Before 1880 less than 1,000 Sicilians immigrated to America per year. But by 1906 over 100,000 Sicilians left for the States in that year alone. Ultimately, out of the 4.5 million Italians that immigrated to the United States between the years 1880 and 1930, one out of every four was a Sicilian. The immigrants represented virtually every area in Sicily. 

Are you one of the many of Sicilian descent who decided to visit Sicily and need some help to recover your roots?

Well, you are in the right place then.

Tell us the story regarding your ancestors, the places you want to visit in Sicily and the things you wish to do, we will help you to find the records that also concern your roots!
We will arrange for you daily trips to the place you are interested in a memorable trip letting you feel feel the emotion of seeing where your grandparents lived a longtime ago.

Ancestry tour (half day or full day) includes :

  • Walk through your family’s ancestral village
  • Visit churches, cemeteries and ancient palazzi from your grandparents’ past
  • Cultural mediation, logistic support and assistance
  • Pick up service with private driver
  • Engage in helpful-and often colorful-conversations with the locals.
Are Sicilians and Italian different?

Unlike Italian, which is almost entirely Latin based, Sicilian has elements of Greek, Arabic, French, Catalan, and Spanish. … Also, take into account that Sicilian does not distinguish between plural endings for verbs, using the same conjugations for masculine and feminine nouns