Adventurer – Body rafting

Private body rafting tour

We will pick you up from your place and  transfer you to  the Alcantara’s gorges for your private body rafting tour.

Iit’s amazing to see the lava stone and to touch the cold river’s water. You can spend all the time that you want.

Unique in the Italian and European natural landscape, the Alcantara Gorges are one of the must-see attractions of Sicily. Located about 20 km from Taormina, the gorges are real canyons made ​​of black lava walls up to 50 meters high, in the typical shape of a prism that the rocks have taken during the cooling process.

Within the grooves, the toning and crystal clear waters of the river Alcantara run surrounded by an unspoiled landscape, with rare flora and fauna.

The purity of the natural habitat has been facilitated by its hidden position, which has preserved its existence; until the fifties in fact this site was completely unknown.

The Alcantara Gorges have by now become a famous attraction even beyond national borders,

and it is considered one of the most beautiful and  natural sites in Italy.

Imagine what is your private body rafting tour activity will be like in this natural contest.


SPRAY PARK: (available from the end of June to the beginning of September) is a water square of about 600mq with splashes and water games. Our guests can use deck chairs and umbrellas with limited availability. Recommended for children.

BODY RAFTING: The tour Botanical and Geologic Park continues through the way where you can visit the heart of the Gorges, going up to the river against the current to admire and touch the beatifull basaltic columns with the assistance of river rescuers. At the return you let yourself be carried away with your body by the river through lava rocks, rapids and waterfalls. Equipment: neoprene diving suits, boots, jackets and protective helmets. Return with lifts.

RIVER TREKKING: the tour of Botanical and Geological Park continues through the way where you can visit the heart of gorges. The tour starts in groups with river assistant. With the supplied salopettes you can walk in the valley and than go up to the river through lava rocks and waterfalls until the entrance of the Gorges (approximately 100mt). Return back with lift. Not suitable for children under 12 years old. Duration approximately one hour. Alcantara Gorges Walking ticket is included.

BABY BODY RAFTING: the tour of Botanical and Geological Park continues through the way where you can visit the heart of the gorges, for children the body rafting is mode with river rescuers and with a lot of fun. Alcantara gorges walking ticket is included.

Your private body rafting tour activity start time may vary depending on weather conditions.