Cefalu’ & Castelbuono tour

Cefalu’ & Castelbuono.

Today, will pick you up from your place,

at your most convenient time and drive along the beautiful  Tyrrhenian

coast-line which extends from Capo Faro to Finale, to visit Cefalu’ and Castelbuono.

The shores are among the most beautiful in Sicily,

also for the landscapes and limpidity of the water.

These beaches are the second home for many citizens from Messina who like to spend here most of their  summer time.

Our first stop today is in Cefalù, an old greek settlement built to celebrate the victory of the syracusans over Carthage.

We then continue onto Cefalù, one of the highlight of the island.

This town was built on a regular plan, enhanced by small medieval streets.

It is also a fishing port and a popular seaside resort.

The main square  is dominated by the imposing Cathedral built at the wishes of Roger II in 1131,

it is one of the most outstanding examples of Sicilian architecture from the normand period.

one half is a maze of narrow streets with steps winding up towards the cliff,

the other one has straight, perpendicular roads leading down to the sea..

We will end this tour by stopping in the charming town of Castelbuono where you can stroll along the small medieval streets.


It is known for its castle from which its name derives,

and around which the city developed in the 14th century.

The construction of the Castle mixes Arab-Norman features with

others typical of the castles built during the Hohenstaufen rule of southern Italy:

the cube shape recalls Arabic architecture; the square towers,

although incorporated into those of the façade, reflect Norman architectural style,

as also the battlements; and the round tower recalls aspects

of Frederick II’s times architecture.

The structure is on three floors, the first floor for the servants,

with the essential services, the second for the nobility, with the sumptuous Cappella Palatina,

and the third for the court and for guests.

The city is home to one of Europe’s oldest road running competitions:

the Giro Podistico Internazionale Castelbuono was first held in the city in 1912 and is held annually.

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