Landscaping & Sites

Northeastern Sicily

Mount Etna is fundamental to Sicily's nature and landscape. Leonardo Sciascia called it " a huge house cat,that purrs and awakens every so often"

Northeastern of Sicily is dominated by volcanoes of all shapes and size.

Mount Etna towers to incredible heights and is visible from much of Sicily,

often providing live firework shows from its summit craters.

Accessible all year around thanks to good roads and high altitude cable car , its always popular.

At its feet is the bustling if rather rundown city of Catania ,

worth a visit for its lively fish market and Baroque Cathedral.

No one should miss the pretty town of Taormina which spreads across steep flowered hillsides high above sparkling Ionian coast.

This town boasts a spectacular outdoor Greek theatre and perfect views of Etna.

The Aeolian island offer countless delights to the horders of visitors

who arrive each summer.

This is the largest island in this marvellous archipelago is Lipari,

which makes a good base for exploring its more remote neighbours Stromboli,

with its on-going minor eruptions,

can be admired from a boat and the ruins of a prehistoric village can be found on Filicudi.

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