Landscaping & Sites

Southern Sicily

The Style of Baroque is admired in a fascinating towns across the Southern Sicily, completely rebuilt in a new location after a devastating earthquake

The ornate style of Baroque architecture can be admired in a

fascinating series of towns across the Southern Sicily.

Completely rebuilt in a new location after a devastating earthquake in the 1600s,

Noto with its stone churches makes for a memorable visit, as does Ragusa.

Southern Sicily, Modica's view

Marvellous ceramics from a tradition that dates back to

Arabs times are the main draw in the hilly town of Caltagirone,

which boasts a unique staircase studded with colourful majolica tiles.

The lovely seafront city in the Southern Sicily of Syracuse has many sightseeing attractions,

not least its position on a high, rocky peninsula

that juts out into the sea, and the intriguing maze

of streets that make up the Ortygia district.

Its archaeological site is also rewarding,

wth a Greek Theatre carved into the hillside

that continues to host live theatrical

performances during the summer.

Adventurous visitors, should make a point of visiting the

Monti Iblei hinterland and the steep gorges at Pantalica ,

accessible on foot or horseback.