Villa Romana & Caltagirone tour

Villa Romana del Casale & Caltagirone tour duration: 7/8 hours.

This tour will introduce you to wonderful landscapes of  hillsides with orange and lemon trees,

animal farms and a whole different set of scenery being more dry and arid further south

due to a different climate.

Built between the Erei and Iblei hills,

there is one element of continuity;

ceramics production.

Prehistoric pottery has been found on the hills around the Arab “Cal’at Gbiran”

(Hills of vases).

The local potters were world famous in the Middle Ages,

and the tradition is maintained today.

Exploring Caltagirone

It is pleasant exploring Caltagirone on foot,

walking around the streets and squares,

pausing at the local craftsmen’s workshops.

We will arrive at the famous charming and Baroque town of Caltagirone.

One of the most impressive sights is the monumental Santa Maria del Monte staircase,

with its 142 steps decorated with majolica tiles.

The flight of steps was built in 1608 to link the seat of religious power.

Villa Romana del Casale

This famous Villa was part of a 3rd-4th century A.D. estate,

and is one of the most fascinating attractions in archaeologically

rich Sicily.

The exceptionally beautiful mosaics that decorated every of the rooms

of the landowner’s apartment have been preserved through the centuries,

thanks to a flood that buried them in mud in the 12th century.

The Roman Villa del & Caltagirone tour


The price for the day includes: vehicle and english speaking driver.

Entrances fees of 10 euros per person are not included.

If you wish to have a 3 hours guided tour of the Roman Villa we suggest

to mention it in advance ( extra charge 130 euro total, not per person).