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Walking and Trekking in Sicily

Sicily offers an impressing range of walking and trekking itineraries. The choice includes hills, mountains,fantastic limestone gorges such as the ones...

Sicily offers an impressing range of walking and trekking itineraries.

Walking and Trekking mountains.

The choice includes hills, mountains,

coastal districts as well as

fantastic limestone gorges such as the ones

at Pantalica and Cava d’Ispica in the Monti Iblei.

The protected park area around Mount Etna offers

marvellous opportunities for high-altitude trips amoung

the lava fields and grottoes.

Qualified leaders from Etna guides escort thrilling climbs

to the smoking summit craters.

To the east is the Alcantara River valley which offers

easy routes through old settlements and a fascinating

basalt ravine gouged out by the impetuous watercourse.

The rugged Madonie Mountains and park feature spectacular


marked paths and rare vegetations in the

Vallone Madonna Degli Angeli,

near Piano Battaglia and Pizzo Carbonara summit.

Highlights of the vast rolling Nebrodi mountain chain which is

another protected area,

include the Biviere di Cesarò,

a pretty lake and important staging point for migratory birds.

Parco Regionale dei Monti Nebrodi provides extensive

and helpful informations about the area.

Close by,

and towering over the village of Alcara Li Fusi,

is the dramatic Rocche di Crasto,

home to the griffon vulture.

These impressive rocks formations are accessible on clear paths.

Other interesting areas for walkers include Piana Degli Albanesi

and the divine coastline of the Riserva dello Zingaro.

Several islands have unusual walking and trekking opportunities,

such as the Aeolian island,

with ascents of volcanoes,

both extinct and active,

on Stromboli (where a local guide is essential),

Vulcano island, Salina and Lipari.

However ,

Magma Trek’s tour leaders are particularly knowledgeable

about the science and history of Stromboli’s active volcano.

In both the interior and main cities of Sicily,

visitors can find a number of sports associations

and guesthouses offering walking and trekking holidays

and exursions.

Club Alpino Italiano also organizes excursions on regular

basis as well does Explore Worldwide.

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